Work Packages

HERMES has 6 Work packages that will take the project through the process of establishing existing transport research databases and how these can be integrated into a database portal.  Click on the Work Package title to view the tasks:

Work Package 1

The main objectives of this WP are to identify all transport research databases EU, US, Japan and Australia, and establish a dialogue between database managers, determine how they are all informed, assess their content, any shortcomings of the system, identify the barriers to accessibility of their content and provide solutions to eliminate those. The reports for this WP are now completed and work on the progress of the Portal and WP2 are now on-going.

Work Package 2

The objective of this WP is undertake all necessary activities for the creation of a common portal that will allow access to all identified transport research databases within the EU, US, Australia and Japan. The Portal is currently in a draft stage. Partners have access and are assisting in identifying obstacles and issues to searching the test portal.

Work Package 3

The main objective of this WP is to create the environment for long term international collaboration in transport research. To achieve this objective HERMES wil adopt a bottom up approach by bringing together researchers from the EU, US, Australia and Japan, with similar research interests, to engage in a dialogue to examine avenues for and identify obstacles to closer long term collaboration. This WP will collate the information from this dialogue and will draw up the enabling policies that need to be in place for the establishment of long term collaboration.  A workshop will be organised for the Spring of 2013 to bering together researchers; database managers and other interested parties to forumlate the way forward for the portal.

Work Package 4

The main objective of this WP is to identify similar transport research projects that have been conducted in the EU, US, Australia and Japan and compare and assess them in terms of their impact and where appropriate provide recommendation for future targeted research.

Work Package 5

The main objectives of this WP is undertake dissemination activities for the HERMES database portal and set up the framework for long term international collaboration in transportation research.

Work Package 6

Project Management. The HERMES project is being managed by UNEW – Newcatle University, UK.  To date, all deliverables have been submitted and intra- and inter-consortium communication is key to the successful progress of the project.