Work Package 6

The objective of the WP6 Management is to coordinate the overall work of the HERMES project and together with the HERMES Steering Committee to manage the interactions between the WP 1-5 so that there is efficient flow of information between the WP’s based on the deliverables.

Task 6.1 – Project management and co-ordination at consortium level

In order to keep close watch and control on the progress of all work-packages, WP6 will coordinate the necessary flow of information needed between the different work package leaders and partners and together with the Steering Committee will ensure consistency and adherence to the agreed concepts for the deliverables of HERMES. The co-ordinators will operate as a co-ordinating back office to support the work-package leaders in relevant matters. This will also include all financial transactions and financial management.

Task 6.2 – Communication with DG-RTD

The project manager will ensure proper communication with the European Commission (DG-RTD) during the lifetime of the project, maintaining contact and regularly reporting to the Project Officer of the European Commission on the project’s progress, notably through the contractual yearly progress reports. In case it is seen necessary, also intermediate indicative progress reports covering the first 6 months of each reporting period can be produced. The constant exchange of information for the TPT project is fundamental for maintaining and improving the success of this Horizontal Activity.