Work Package 5

Framework for Cooperation in Transportation research 

The final part of the HERMES will be the culmination of the output from all WPs. This will be a document that will address all the issues, cultural, legislative, commercial etc., inhibiting an effective international collaboration being set up and provide recommendations for achieving this in the long term. The consortium represents research associations that cover all transport modes and each one will undertake the task of disseminating the results of the project.

Task 5.1 – HERMES database portal dissemination 

This task will deal with the dissemination of the HERMES database portal. As most of the partners are research associations that represent different modes of transport their websites are accessed daily by the research community throughout Europe and they will undertake to include the details of the HERMES portal on their websites.

From the start of the HERMES project, details of its aims and description of its activities will be included in the transport librarian database, TRANLIB, which will help raise global awareness of the project from month 1 of the project life.

Details of the HERMES database portal will also be presented in various major transport conferences (all modes) such as WCTRS, TRA A presentation has already been organised for TRA 2012 describing the activities and aims of this project. HERMES will also be presented at various conferences dedicated to individual Transport modes.

Task 5.2 – Framework for international collaboration of researchers

The outcome of the international workshop and the comparative studies will be compiled in a report that will inform the research community of the opportunities for international collaboration and also the enabling policies that need to be addressed in order to facilitate the building of international collaborative consortia for transportation research projects.

This report will describe the concerns of the front line research scientists and therefore the dissemination will take place at the European Commission and National Government level. This will be achieved through presentations to the DG Transport in the EU, and Transport Departments in various EU countries and the US, Australia and Japan (through the HERMES collaborating international organisations) as well as other countries of high interest.