International Workshop

Your views matter

The HERMES International Workshop aimed at identifying the opportunities for closer cross border collaboration in transportation research and gave experts the opportunity to explore with counterparts the policies and measures that should be in place to enable the creation of a truly international collaborative transportation research network. 

This highly successful workshop was held at UIC headquarters in Paris. It ran for one and a half days and produced valuable outputs and recommendations for improving international collaboration in transport research

Transport Workshop

Successful collaboration in transportation research across national borders is not an easy task. Yet, it is the best means of creating fertile conditions for true research innovations, understanding, better use of resources and common solutions to common problems.

Who attended?

Transport researchers, engineers and industry executives, who are actively engaged in research in the road, rail, marine or aeronautics fields and had an interest in the development of international collaborative research programmes.

Why did people attend?

  • To meet with fellow researchers from around the world to discuss research interests and views on the future of transportation research and identified commonalities in research themes.
  • To have the opportunity to express their views on any shortcomings of current international research collaboration actions.
  • To identify obstacles to the development of cross border collaborative research programmes and explore the means to remove them.
  • To assist policy makers in making the views of the research community who will engage in collaborative research known, and to help shape future policies for a truly international collaboration in transportation research.