Work Package 3

The main objective of this WP is to create the environment for long term international collaboration in transport research. To achieve this objective HERMES will adopt a bottom up approach by bringing together researchers from the EU, US, Australia and Japan, with similar research interests, to engage in a dialogue to examine avenues for and identify obstacles to closer long term collaboration. This WP will collate the information from this dialogue and will draw up the enabling policies that need to be in place for the establishment of long term collaboration.

Task 3.1 – Identify key players in Transport Research worldwide

One of the activities of the analysis of the transport research databases carried out in WP1 is the identification of major players (key individuals, organisations, universities etc) in transport research worldwide. In some countries this could be one or two individuals or a single University/Research Institution. This task will undertake a review of their publications record, assess relevance of past and current research to transport technologies and compile an “Activity ranking” list (i.e. are they currently research active in transport technologies?) classified by areas of expertise.

Task 3.2  – Transport Research Workshop

This task will undertake the organisation of a workshop that will bring together individuals and organisations to present their current research interests (not in the form of scientific papers but concise descriptions of subjects investigated) and engage in round table discussions where commonalities of interest are identified.

The workshop will address all transport modes and delegates having provided the HERMES consortium with an outline of their research expertise and current activities it transport research will be assigned to groups of similar research interests. This will be achieved by asking delegates invited to the workshop to send the organisers a completed questionnaire designed so that the individuals with similar interests can be identified and assigned their discussion group.

Task 3.3 – Development of questionnaire

Face to face discussions are deemed to be the best means of addressing the subject matter of issues of this WP. It is also an opportunity for researchers from the EU, US, Australia and Japan to meet each other through informal discussions understand the issues that concern them in their individual countries. Nevertheless, HERMES recognises that the number of participants may not be a wide enough representation of international researchers’ views as their participation will depend on time and/or budgetary constraints. For this reason HERMES will also issue a questionnaire addressing the same topics under discussion at the workshop. This will be sent electronically to researchers in the EU, US, Australia and Japan, thus gathering a wider number of opinions. The questionnaire will be structured in a way that is easy to complete (possibly with multiple choice questions, and a general comment section where the participants can express their views in a text box).  This will take advantage of the “Digital Voting” systems implemented by Euromobilita which are based on free vote and expression of opinion and therefore provide good added value for decision making processes involving people from different cultures and with different backgrounds.

Task 3.4 –  Workshop report

This task will compile a report detailing the outcome of the workshop discussions and the questionnaire and will detail the enabling policies that need to be explored in the EU, US, Australia and Japan to enhance closer long term collaboration of researchers.