Work Package 2

The objective of this WP is undertake all necessary activities for the creation of a common portal that will allow access to all identified transport research databases within the EU, US, Australia and Japan.

Task 2.1 – Database architecture 

It is true that database architecture in terms of content/information available can vary from region to region or between databases in a single country. HERMES will aim at normalising the architecture of databases to facilitate accessibility through a common portal. The final shape of the means of access to databases and the architecture will depend on the technical limitations and the outcome from Task 2.2. 

To achieve auniversal framework to gather all Transport research related database into one database.

Task 2.2 – Database compatibility 

This task will use the information from WP 1 that will provide information on the degree of compatibility between databases and will address the feasibility and obstacles that need to be circumvented to allow the linking of databases under a common portal. These obstacles may not be just technical but cultural, political or legal.

HERMES will identify those and through discussions with stakeholders will aim to provide suitable negotiated solutions.

Task 2.3 – Creation of the HERMES portal

This task will look at the IT requirements for the creation of a common access portal that will enable users to identify present and past research on transport by country, topic or keywords (a Google algorithm for transport research)

This task will also undertake dissemination activities to inform the scientific community of the new system of accessing worldwide transport research information.

The HERMES portal will contain a web site and web forms.