Project Progress

Database Portal

The HERMES Transport Research Portal went live in April 2013, it allows users to search the content of >100 transport research databases and data sources. If you are a transport researcher, you may benefit from using the portal in your research. If you are a database manager and would like to link in to it, then please visit the portal at and use notify us through the contact form.


Transport Workshop

On 25-26th April 2013, the HERMES project held a Transport Workshop that brought together individuals and organisations to present their current research interests (not in the form of scientific papers but concise descriptions of subjects investigated) and included round table discussions where commonalities of interest were identified.

The workshop addressed all transport modes and by the first day of the wrokshop participants had already provided the HERMES consortium with an outline of their research expertise and current activities in transport research in the form of a completed questionnaire designed so that individuals with similar interests were identified and assigned to mode specific discussion groups.  

The workshop also included a session where the activities for the creation of the HERMES research database portal was presented, to raise awareness of the portal and also stress the importance of accessibility to transport research databases. An open discussion also took place to determine what researchers’ requirements and expectations would be in terms of accessibility to databases (a single access portal, type of information available, user interface, etc.)